A.M.T. Tech was established in 2013 as a Division of A.M.T. s.r.l. in order to concentrate on the R&D and production of Cyber-Physical Systems (machine and production pants remote monitoring systems).

This new Division operates in new offices and laboratories in which a team of 10 engineers develops the Hardware Design, Prototype Production & Testing and all the relevant firmware and software.

A complete ecosystem has been created in order to offer a Turnkey solution for the new era of the Internet of Machines and specifically for Cyber-Physical Productions Systems.

At this time, the A.M.T. Tech Division has developed hardware modules that are capable of collecting, processing and transmitting to the cloud data from various types of industrial machines, which is all accessible to the end user that can access it by means of a web browser or dedicated application. Our software platform and graphic interface makes it all incredibly simple.

The service is based on a Turnkey basis: it starts from the custom design to the installation & acceptance.

All products of the A.M.T. Tech Division are sold through Thinglu s.r.l., which is a commercial company established by A.M.T. and partners.